What is the appropriate weather for exterior painting?

It’s mid October, the weather has been beautiful outside, leaves are changing color, making way for cold weather ahead. Autumn it’s a gorgeous season, specially if you are from around here in New England, it’s a great season for apple picking, pumpkin, cider, beautiful breathtaking pictures… but not so good for exterior projects.

We have many clients contacting us asking for estimates for exterior painting, and even though from 10am to 2pm the weather it’s in the average of 50’s F and 60’s F, we decided to block mid-October to end-of-March period as a hand’s off period of exterior painting.

One client mentioned that other companies he contacted said they paint outside all seasons. In my experience, if you hear a professional painter talk like “neither snow or rain will stop us”, get away from these painters, because it is just not possible to paint during all seasons, and here are some reasons:

  • 1.Temperature 

When the temperature is too cold (below 50 F) paint will not flow and go on smoothly, and it will not dry or be absorbed properly into the surface. For best results, the entire painting and drying time should be above 50 F.

Today many paint manufacturers recommend minimum 40 degrees as paint quality has improved, but another condition you need to be aware of is the temperature fluctuation.

  • 2. Temperature Fluctuation

Paint is not happy when temperature during the day is 80 degrees and then suddenly drop down to 35 degrees in the evening and night. Remember moisture happens indirectly too. Dew forming overnight or in early evenings, or just after sunset, can easily mess up exterior paint as paint is still drying after they stop painting for the day.

  • 3.Humidity

If the humidity is high then condensation can form on surfaces in the late evening or overnight. This can cause streaks, fading, or poor adhesion to the surface.  Paint should only be applied to a dry surface. Your painting surface can become moist either by direct contact from rain or snow or by humidity in the air.

For all reasons above, CWC painting will resume exterior projects next Spring 2017. For more information, questions or concerns contact us. If you would like to book your painting for next season, we are already taking appointments for estimates and booking clients for late Spring already. Do not wait until next year to start planning your exterior painting, contact us now at (857)888-6608.

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