Exterior Painting Melrose MA

Exterior Painting Melrose MA

CWC uses top of the line Benjamin Moore and California Paint for our Exterior Painting Melrose MA.

We understand that a great exterior painting job needs quality paint and we don’t cut corners.
Our company can help our Melrose MA homeowners with picking out colors and will provide examples of different options.

Siding and Trim Repairs Melrose MA

We provide estimates for trim and woodwork repairs when estimating the  exterior painting job.
All siding and trim work are constructed by experienced employees.

Exterior painting process in Essex County, MA


Our Massachusetts homeowners will receive Extensive preparation, Attention to detail and Quality results. 

Extensive walk through during the bid process in your Melrose, MA property to look for failing areas. CWC will advise for repairs or areas that need certain type of preparation to protect the siding and trim.

  • Provide an estimate for siding and trim repairs if needed
  • Power wash
  • Scrape and sand all loose or scaling paint from the surface to be painted as thoroughly as necessary.
  • Prime all bare wood with 100 % Acrylic Latex primer.
    Latex-acrylic based, primer paint is like a thin layer of rubbery plastic that seals the outer surfaces of your home. Primer is used as a base coat because of its epoxy-bonding agents which are designed to stick like glue. This allows the finish coat to go on more evenly and provides a thicker, more protective outer surface.
  • Caulk around ALL windows and doors, siding / trim interfaces, and any cracks.
  • Protect areas not being painted from overspray or paint splatter. Cover entire windows with plastic to protect the screens and windows from over spray.
  • Apply siding paint using a spray application, adding a back roll where applicable.
  • Apply trim paint using a brush and roller application.
  • All material is applied at manufactures specifications. The proper mil thickness is applied per manufactures recommendations.

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