How much does it cost to paint a room?

How much does it cost to paint a room?

How much does it cost to paint a room?

We have often been contacted by clients who just purchased their first home, and have no idea of what it cost to paint the inside of their house. I wish they could consult us before buying (or any other contractor) and not just listen to their real state on this matter (unless of course they understand painting business)… it would save a lot of homeowners of such a headache to spend on costly remodeling. To be wise, don’t just assume you can do it yourself… we have hundreds of clients who started on their endeavor to try it only to stop halfway… when deciding which house to buy, and comparing houses against each other… really talk to a contractor before making a decision, even if you have to pay them for their precious time to give you an estimate, we assure you, it will save you tons of money and headache too.

For instance, we are talking here of painting…there are many things that can add up to the cost of painting a room, but here are the most important things you need to consider when estimating a painting cost for your home.

Consider these when estimating cost of paint

First, do you have wallpaper and need to remove it? Yes, this is somewhat easy, however if you don’t remove properly, your paint won’t adhere or cover, and most of cases it will show all the imperfections on the wall. We have visited homes where the homeowners tried to remove themselves and damaged all walls trying to scrape off the glue. You won”t want that!

Second, do you need to paint wood that have stain paint on it? This is one of the situations where price can add up. Most of new homes use latex paint on white woodwork (trims) for their baseboards, crown molding, window cases, doors and frames, because it brings a look of clean, bright, open and new space. Stains are used to preserve the wood, they can be clear so you can have an original look or solid colors, and have the feel of rustic and somewhat old fashioned look. The problem is you can’t apply a latex over a stain without properly preparing the surfaces, otherwise your paint won’t adhere. And here is the secret many won’t tell you: it’s not as easy as painting over latex, the painting process is different and takes more time, which equals more expense.

What is the average cost to paint one room?

As we mentioned before, many things can add to the cost of labor, but a typical room average size 12 x 12′ and height 8-9 ft considering there is minimum prep work on walls labor price can vary from $300 to $500, and if adding trims (somewhat easy without much detail work on windows) and ceilings most of the contractor will charge additional $300 to $900. Of course many things can affect price, but most of the contractors will meet with you and cover all details before submitting their bid. Let your contractor aware of paint colors you are planning to use, as many painters will add to the cost a third or fourth coat of paint for difficult paint types.

Note: Price is just for information purpose, most of contractors won’t discuss price over phone without looking at the areas and meeting personally with clients.

Should I pick the lowest bid?

We always recommend taking 2-3 estimates from reputable contractors, so you know you are comparing apples to apples. Always ask questions, because sometimes low price means they will rush on the job and compromise quality just to meet your budget. Low price can also means no professional skills (drops of paint on floor and furniture, skips on paint, not straight lines) and no safety at work.

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