How much paint will I need for my project?

This is the most common question many clients ask me, and the answer also depends of the project. Usually, in a broader sense, a room average 12 x 12′ (144 sq/ft) usually takes 2 gallons of paint for 2 coats of paint. But there are other things to consider as well, which could require more paint, for instance the color you picked for your walls.

  1. Darker colors, especially red hues, require more coats than lighter hues. If you are going with a deeper, darker color, talk to your paint vendor about prepping with a tinted primer before applying paint.
  2. if you are painting a lighter color over an existing dark hue, you will likely need extra coats. A tinted primer might also be useful, depending on the existing and new hues.
  3. Rougher surfaces as well as more absorbent surfaces will require more paint than smooth surfaces.
  4. The quality of your paint will also affect the amount you need. Higher quality paint tends to offer better coverage, requiring fewer coats, whereas a lower-cost paint may be thinner and therefore require more coats for proper coverage.

Always ask your paint vendor if you are not sure how much paint to get or if you are hiring us to paint your home/business, CWC Painting do offer a free consultation and we will assist you from picking colors, determining which paint brand is best for your project as to how much paint you will need it.

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