Salem MA Interior Painting by CWC Painting and Services

Our Salem MA Interior Painting services include extensive preparation, attention to detail and quality results. 

  • CWC provides a detailed estimate to include all areas being painted
  • Protect all floors and furniture with mats and plastic.
  • Caulk cracks where necessary.
  • Repair drywall and texture where necessary
  • Prime all repairs as needed.
  • Blue tape and caulk all areas adjacent to surfaces being painted
  • Interior paint is applied using a brush and roller application

Your Home Deserves Quality Painting

Our staff is skilled to use any type of paint. We fulfill special requests, but for 90% of our work Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams will be used to cover walls, ceilings, wood trim and doors.

Drywall Repairs in Salem MA

CWC provides estimates for drywall repairs when estimating the paint job.

Water Damage Repairs in Salem MA

Ceilings and walls can suffer a lot of damage due to water leaks. CWC receives a great number of calls from homeowners who experienced water damage at their properties.  Every case is different, but we are here to help. Call us to set up a consultation.

Staining Woodwork in Salem, MA

CWC stains small areas, doors and frames, windows and trims, crown molding, baseboards or any wood surface you would like it.

Why hiring CWC Painting and Services for your Salem MA Interior Painting project?

We could give you many reasons, but here are 4:

CWC Painting and Services is a  service oriented company, we guarantee on time delivery of our service.

We provide top quality assurance to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Someone from our team will  follow up with our clients after the service is performed, so you know you can trust us for any problem.

For your peace of mind, we carry Liability and Works Compensation insurance.

Check it out our Awards and more about our company here.


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