Low cost maintenance tips you should do every year

Low cost maintenance tips you should do every year

Low cost maintenance tips you should do every year

Being a homeowner has its pros and cons. Certainly own your home is a dream come true, but more and more we hear clients complaining about the high cost to keep their place in tip top shape. We have created a list of projects every client should tackle at least once a year. Certain projects do more damage – and cost more money – when left alone.

1. Power Washing

Power washing not only keep your home clean, but also gets rid of the following:

  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Grease
  • Cobwebs
  • Smoke
  • Tree pollen
  • Soot
  • Graffiti
  • Bubble gum
  • Bird excrement

Our pressure washing equipment cleans building exteriors, awnings, walls, gutters, downspouts, and more. We can help you keep your property clean and sparkling all year long.

2. Clean your Gutters, Keep Your Home Safe & Strong

gutter cleaningCleaning out your gutters is an important but often-delayed chore. However, delaying gutter cleaning can have far more damaging results than many homeowners realize. Gutters are responsible for channeling water away from your home’s roof and foundation. Clogged gutters can lead to roof leaks, foundation problems and rotten fascia boards. It keeps moisture from seeping into the foundation, basement, and walls.

When homeowners neglect their gutters, they run the risk of moisture seeping into the walls of their home, causing untold amounts of damage. This creates the need for expensive repairs while driving down the value of the structure. Avoid all that hassle with one call to CWC Painting and Services!

3. Roof Inspection

Water damage – before

After CWC painting repaired.

Every year beginning Spring we receive tons of calls from clients to repair their interior home ceilings due to water damage. Guess what, many of these homeowners never did a roof inspection before, and when the warning signs came some  of them simply choose to postpone.

Every year , specially after winter, call a roofer for a simple inspection. There are also signs you can look inside your home such as: visible leaks, stain or wet spot on your wall or ceiling, bubbles created from moisture. But to be certain, better safe than sorry, an inspection can save you tons of money down the road.

Here at CWC painting and Services, we do not offer roof inspections or installations, but call us if you ever need any ceiling or walls repair due to water damage.

4. Siding repairs

Your home is one of the greatest investments in your life, also is a shelter for you and your family. The only thing that keep the elements away from your home is your siding, so pay attention for loose and cracked siding, holes, bubble, dry rot.

Check the following article about painting or replacing siding and signs you should be looking out. Call CWC painting and services for a consultation.

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