Plaster, Floor, Interior Painting

plaster danvers ma
Year: 2018
Customer: Jason H
Project: Plaster, Floor Stain and Refinishing, Interior Painting

We remodeled 5 spaces in this home in Danvers, MA. First, because of the age and condition of the walls, we started of hanging 3/4″ Sheetrock and applying plaster.
After we painted all ceilings, trims and walls and left behind the baseboards, so floors could be refinished.
Homeowners requested a coat of stain on floors, and after 2 coats of polyurethane were applied, we came back and painted baseboards.

Customer's Review

Claudio and his team are artists. We really put his skills to the challenge with our new home. The previous owners had very hastily painted most surfaces of the home with whatever paint they had on hand. Sometimes it was latex paint, other times oil based- regardless of the original surface. That makes a real challenge for a perfectionist like Claudio but he was up for it! When it became apparent that we needed plaster work done, he agreed to bring in his trusted pick. He got us the best price by far and then even managed the schedule for us. He did the same with floors! We hired a well regarded painter and he turned out to be a brilliant general contractor. Don't delay, book CWC Painting Services now. Our house became our home thanks to this team. We couldn't be more grateful or impressed.” by Jason H.

We really put his skills to the challenge with our new home.