Property Maintenance in the North Shore, MA

  • Common Area Cleaning, such as Hallways, Staircases, Foyer/Entrances, and Trash/Garbage Areas Enclosure and Cans.
  • Handyman Services, such as removing carpets, furniture disposals (left by tenants when moving out), installing dishwasher and removing old ones, installing shelves, installing kitchen /bathroom cabinets and countertops, drywall repairs or closing/patching holes/cracks on walls, and much more…
  • Painting interior and getting reading for new tenant by painting walls, ceilings, and woodwork (doors, frames, baseboards, windows). Repairing of ceiling stains, and fixing holes and cracks on walls by previous tenants.
  • Carpentry repairs such as doors, windows, carpentry finish.
  • Power Washing up to 3 story homes/buildings.
  • Window Cleaning up to 3 story homes/building.
  • Gutter Cleaning up to 3 story homes/building.
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