Temperature for exterior painting

Temperature for exterior painting

Ideal temperature for exterior painting

This year the weather doesn’t look like our typical Spring weather, and since many of homeowners are waiting patiently to start their projects outside, some projects should be postponed … specially if you are painting your house or deck.

Reasons may not be so obvious for many of people considering some days temperature outside is hitting the 50’s mark, so here are our 3 main reasons, and we advise every home owner interviewing contractors bidding on project, ask this simple question: “when they think it’s a good idea to paint?”.

We at CWC painting and Services only book outside painting when 3 of the following is ok… and of course still the weather can be unpredictable like few years ago when snowed in the month of May.

  • 1.Temperature 

When the temperature is too cold (below 50 F) paint will not flow and go on smoothly, and it will not dry or be absorbed properly into the surface. For best results, the entire painting and drying time should be above 50 F.

deck painting in peabody maToday many paint manufacturers recommend minimum 40 degrees as paint quality has improved, but another condition you need to be aware of is the temperature fluctuation.

  • 2. Temperature Fluctuation

Paint is not happy when temperature during the day is 80 degrees and then suddenly drop down to 35 degrees in the evening and night. Remember moisture happens indirectly too. Dew forming overnight or in early evenings, or just after sunset, can easily mess up exterior paint as paint is still drying after they stop painting for the day.

  • 3.Humidity

exterior painting

If the humidity is high then condensation can form on surfaces in the late evening or overnight. This can cause streaks, fading, or poor adhesion to the surface.  Paint should only be applied to a dry surface. Your painting surface can become moist either by direct contact from rain or snow or by humidity in the air.

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